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 We have been providing Pet Training services since 1999. Our experience over the years has helped us perfect our Pet Training methods and techniques, so you can rest assured that your pet will receive the encouragement and attentiveness they need. 



Private Lessons

You play an important role with your pet in every step from beginning to end. Therefore our goal is to help build the bond between you and your pet for life. We offer classes by the hour or in packages, depending on each family's needs and concerns. We have worked with a wide variety of breeds and temperaments including puppies, adult dogs and rescues and believe in training your pet into a well-behaved member of your family while building confidence using positive reinforcement. We encourage training in the comfort if your home for several reasons. Training in a well known and comfortable environment cause less stress on both you and your pet. You have the comfort of your home to work with your pet on a daily basis. There's no boarding your pet and being concerned about their well-being and you don't have to deal with large classes and the distractions that come with it.  


We will meet with you and your family to discuss your goals for training your pet(s), the problems you're having with your pet(s) and the best way to address those issues.

We teach all basic commands at your pace and address all behavioral concerns you have with your pet(s).  Our basic program covers six one-hour to one-and-half-hour lessons.


 Additional Pets

If you have a second pet that needs training as well, we will add two more one-hour lessons to your original program.

Mileage Fee

If a mileage fee applies, this fee is added to the total price of your program.